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Dr. Pector's favorite links for a
spectrum of health care concerns
The following links have been evaluated personally by Dr. Pector, and/or
recommended by medical publications as high quality, reliable sites. Keep in mind
that information you obtain from one of these sites may not apply to your
individual circumstances. Please review any questions with a physician before
acting on information you locate on the Internet.
Internet Mental Health
Health Links N-Z by
Disease Category:
Search engines and
general health links:
Medem--collaboration of medical
Medline Search
American Academy of Family
Johns Hopkins Health Page
Immunization Coalition
Centers for Disease Control
Illinois Department of Public Health
DuPage County Health Department
Mayo Clinic
Mental Health Net
DuPage County Community Resource
Information System
Edward Hospital
Neurological Disorders:
American Academy of Neurology
American Acad. of Neurological
Obesity (overweight), weight loss
American Society Bariatric Physicians
ASBP on Medications
American Obesity Association
AOA on Treatment
AOA on weight loss surgery
Amer Inst Cancer Research on fad
Obstetrics (Pregnancy)
Medem on Pregnancy Planning, Care, Tests
Medem on Labor, Delivery &
Postpartum general pregnancy info prenatal care overview healthy pregnancy tips
High risk: perinatology network (medically
NIH on weight loss
Nat'l. Institutes of Health Publications
Merck manual
Occupational Medicine (work-related)
Occupational Safety & Health
OSHA Worker's Page
Main OSHA Page
Amer. Coll. Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Nat'l. Institute Occ. Safety & Health
Amer. Acad. Orthopaedic Surgeons
OREF Orthopedic Links on joint replacement
NIH Osteoporosis & related diseases
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Medem articles on osteoporosis (check ACOG on
Osteoporosis meds from NOF
American Pain Foundation
Pain Management
Amer. Acad. Pain Management Links
Micromedex USP patient drug
Drug interactions with herbal/alternative meds
Drug interaction database (must
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Amer. Acad. Facial Plastic & Reconstr. Surg.

American Podiatric Medical Assn.

Foot Care Direct
Quality Health Care

Agency for Health Care Research & Quality
Rehabilitation & Therapy

American Academy. Physical Med & Rehab.

American Physical Therapy Association

American Occupational Therapy Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Speech therapist's homepage & links

Questions to ask before surgery

American College of Surgeons public info
Sexuality: this section meant only for people over age 18.
Please also search WebMD, medem, HealthFinder, AAFP, and
Mental Health Net for your topic of concern, and check with
your physician for other resources.

UMKC Human Sexuality Web

Kinsey Institute links on sexual concerns

California sex therapist's recommended list of books

Kinsey Institute professional sex therapy organization listings

Healing the health care provider #1
Healing the health care provider #2

Dr. Pector's advice on Internet groups
U. of Iowa links
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

American Thyroid Association

The Thyroid Society

Thyroid Home Page

American Trauma Society

American Assn. of Trauma Surgeons

American Red Cross

Helping children through trauma

More on helping children

Developmental issues of child grief

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Organ Donation and Transplantation

United Network for Organ Sharing

Centerspan (donation & transplant)

Medem articles on donation & transplant
Travel Medicine

National Center for Infectious Diseases
Travel Info

AUA patient info

American Foundation for Urologic Disease

Contemporary Urology Patient info

Medem on violence

Healthfinder info on violence

Medem on Youth violence
Women's Health Care--see also
gynecology, menopause and obstetrics

Healthfinder on Women's Health Info

National Women's Health Info Center

Web MD Women's Health Conditions
X-ray and radiology

American College of Radiology

Patient info from radiology societies

European patient info on radiology
Youth--health information

Kid's info at Healthfinder

Youth health concerns
Zoos and zoonoses (animal-acquired infections)

Animal-acquired infections: from CDC

San Diego zoo

Brookfield zoo
Pediatrics--see Children's Health (on A-L page)
Health Links A-M
RxAssist: help with med costs for low income
Rx assistance: state, local, disease-specific
Cochrane Collaboration
Consumer & Patient Health Info
Helios Health
Preventive Medicine

USPSTF charts for screening based on

Putting prevention into Practice (AHRQ)

Cancer Screening Guidelines (AFP review
March, 2001)

American College of Preventive Medicine

AHRQ: look under Prevention & Wellness
Baylor College on childhood obesity
Medline Plus