Articles and lecture handouts on
multiple birth, prematurity, loss
and other topics
by Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
The following articles by Dr. Pector, a family physician and medical writer,cover many
topics, including prematurity, bereavement, special needs, adolescence in multiples, and
Internet support groups. Dr. Pector owns copyright, except where noted as copyright
by the publisher. These works may be quoted with  reference to the source, but please
ask Dr. Pector at before reprinting large selections in whole
or in part. Visit her Medical Writing page,
A Word Edgewise, for other types of writing.
Premature Birth

Premature Twins

Adolescent Multiples

Special Needs Multiples

Loss of Both Twins--originally in Twinsworld

Parenting a Twinless Child--originally in Twinworld

Book List for Loss & Special Needs in Multiples--fiction for
pre-teens & teens

Grief Roadmap for Multiple Birth Loss

Survivor Traits and Grief: Guidelines for Parents

Dreams and Fears: Comprehensive look at multiple loss
Professional , Multiple Club &
Family/Friend Publications
on Multiple Birth Loss

Mourning Multiplied--Cincinnati 2000

Presentation from National Mother of
Twins Clubs Convention-1999

Family & Friend advice for multiple
birth loss

Modified 1999 Australian Multi-Birth
Assn. handout on multiple loss for clubs

Protocol for Management of Perinatal
Multiple Birth Loss

Helping parents & professionals cope
with perinatal challenges: prematurity,
multiples, special needs, loss

March of Dimes 2005 Multiple Birth
Loss Presentation: Pector, Hodge, Chay
(without original photos at request of

ISTS 2007 presentation with Jean
Kollantai on loss in multiple birth
Parenting Publications
Medical Publications by Dr.
Pector(copyright by journals or

Making Every Patient Feel Special

Female Patient 2002: Bereavement in
Multiple-Birth Part 1: General

Female Patient 2002: Bereavement in
Multiple Birth Part 2: Dual Dilemmas

The Preemie Place, Rebuilding after Loss
in Multiple Birth, October 2002

Journal of Perinatology 2004 Jan.: article
on decision-making, the dying process
and discussions surrounding death

Mednet 2003: Abstract on Internet Health
Support Groups
Dr. Pector's practice homepage

Dr. Pector's poetry

Multiple birth loss & complications resources

Dr. Sheri's advice on helping children through grief
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